Friday, October 5, 2018

I'm slowly learning that I can't do it all

Thank you, JohnHain
You know how I asked a while back if you like sweet romance or whether you want a bit of spice?  Most of you said you like both but that you want sweet as it's harder to get than sexy stories.  So, I thought, if I'm going to write sweet, then how about putting it in an era when sweet was the style?

In short, I spent September outlining and starting a Regency romance. I handed over the first three chapters last week to three beta readers and asked for feedback. Now I realise I got a bit off track and as I'm a bit stumped, I thought I'd talk to you.

What I love about Regency romances:
1.    OMG the dresses and the parties and the sheer romance of it all!
2.    I am a huge fan of Jane Austen, Henry Fielding, and Mary Wollstonecraft as well as later authors William Makepeace Thackeray, Marie Corelli, and Wilkie Collins.
3.    Also, Georgette Heyer is a goddess.

The challenge of writing Regency romances for a modern audience:
1.    The language needs to retain the style of the classics but it has to be simpler. I can't afford to alienate readers who find the classics a throwback to painful literature courses at school.
2.    Readers are expert in their fave era, which means I have to make sure that I don't mess up, like having one of my dukes swig gin.

Question: can I do it?
Answer: reading over my three chapters, one beta reader said, "OMG awesome!!!!" another said, "It's great and it will sell" and the third said, "Speed it up and make some adjustments"

Issue: in addition, the third pointed out that I need a series and people like consistency from their authors.

Problem: I have three romances out, all contemporary. If I go for a Regency novel, how many readers will be interested in my non-Regency work?  Whereas if I write a modern story, I (hopefully) have all of you, and maybe some new readers too.

Also, it took me a month to write three chapters, so writing Regency is not easy. If there's one thing you all agree on, you want MORE STORIES.

I do write a lot but the fact is that I have my other jobs: there are the feelgood pet columns in The Star newspaper and I also have an online therapy practice, helping clients overcome depression and stress. Plus, there's my dark side, my AJ Adams novels

Then there's the fact that it's been a bloody difficult year, full of death and sickness. That is not over yet, so I can expect more in the next few weeks.

As I write this, the issues are becoming clear. I can't do it all. I'm okay now but I am at my limit.

I have to set aside the Regency chapters and go back to sweet contemporary. It hurts because I love a challenge and it means a month's writing down the drain but it's not practical to switch.

I have an outline already for the second Winthrop story. I can write it in two months and start my next AJ novel straight after.

Thank you for listening. It's really helped to clear my mind. I have two therapy clients this morning and then I'm cooking Tom a super-duper Saturday lunch. I'll get out my notes, do a little dreaming and start the second Winthrop story tomorrow morning.

See you soon, on Facebook if you like!

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