Request A Review

I love to read, so if you have a sweet or dark romance you want reviewed, do write to me.


Any kind of romance is fine: sweet, dark, PNR whatever.

I am less keen on pure erotica. But I might have a go, so ask me.

I sometimes read other genres. But I might have a go, so ask me.
Complete and self standing stories only. I won't read cliffhangers.
I have a list and it's first come, first served.

I no longer review on Amazon.They keep changing the rules, they're not transparent, and so I don't post there anymore.

If I review, you get your own blog post. I also post on Goodreads as Ellen Whyte, on Goodreads as AJ Adams, on my personal FB page, on my Storm Chase FB page, on Barnes&Noble, and I've started posting on LibraryThing.

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