Thursday, July 19, 2018

Disaster and Triumph in our KU Author Promo Group

I promised to report on how our romance author KU reads promo went in July.

Well, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong!

First, Nicole’s book was on Kindle Unlimited but when Amazon pulled Worlds, her book disappeared from KU. No notice, just wham - gone.

On top of that, one of us lost a close family member, another had a health issue, and a third was hit by a massive family crisis.

In all the running around, a button didn’t get pushed, which meant the massive blog share didn’t happen.

You’d think the whole process would be a complete disaster but surprisingly, just the sharing of the Facebook and Twitter posts, plus the half a dozen blog posts we generated among ourselves, helped boost KU reads.

This is what we learned:

One email a week with easy share buttons is easy to manage.

On our main Facebook post, we got 31 shares.

On our main Tweet, we got 900 impressions and 28 engagements.

Stepping away from the easy Likes and Shares, we found that several of us don’t blog. So, in terms of the media kit, the cut and paste Facebook and Twitter sections worked well, but the rest of it was of limited use to the group as a whole.

General verdict was that the exercise worked but needs tweaking.

My view:

I was away for the entire month of June, which meant I couldn’t help, couldn’t push and couldn’t fix stuff. In other words, this was a worst case scenario. This is awesome because it means it can only get better.

I tracked my KU page reads after the event, and found that I got mini-boosts of KU reads each day after we ran a Like and Share. This indicates that our timing was good; we caught people at the right time of the week and the month.

I need to make nicer graphics because the promo graphic was meh. This may mean hiring someone to make one.

I need to fiddle with the HTML table in the media kit to present a better view for blogs seen via mobile platforms.

I was using MailChimp to manage everything. It's not user-friendly, the menus are extremely complex, and it's stuffed with legacy system issues. I've got it working now, but urgh what a learning curve.

We also need to see whether having blogs participate makes a difference or not.

So, we’ve had a chat, and we’re trying it again in August. If you’re a romance author, and you have a book on KU, you can join us.

Share. Support. Success.

Getting the word out is the number one challenge for indie authors.

We are a group of KU romance authors who work together to cross-promote our titles via Facebook, Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter and blog posts.
Are you an author with a KU title?
Want to apply to join the August 2018 group?

What do you have to do?
Give us your KU book title and social media links
We will send you 5 email messages with easy share social media post buttons.
All you have to do is Like & Share

Want more?
We will also prepare and distribute an easy cut and paste media kit
Once you post, drop your link into our form and we will push for Likes and Shares


Join the August 2018 KU Romance Author Promo

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